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MPickIt MWords Game Options

Use MPickIt MWords Game options to change game play.

Game: - Select game to play from the drop down.

Category: The Category drop down is only available when Trivia is selected from the game drop down. Use the Trivia drop down to select the Trivia category you wish to play. You not change the Trivia Categories in the free version.

Strict: - Turn strict game play On/Off. When checked game play is strict.

Full Definition: - Displays full definitions when checked

Parent Control: - Turn Parent Control On/Off. When checked parent control is on.

Sounds: - Turn game sounds On/Off. When checked Game sounds are on.

Voice: - Turn voice On/Off. When checked game voice is on.

Mode: - Change game mode Fun, Game, Quiz, Show, Test, Timed

Game Play: - Change game play Easy, Normal, Hard, Ex-Hard

Reset: - Reset game

You can download and print the MPickIt Trivia Trivia answer sheet for use with MPickIt Trivia or your own Trivia games. You must have access to a printer to print the Trivia answer sheet.

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