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MSlots where you can play Slots all day long and not lose any of your hard-earned money. Good luck.

MSlots Versions
Free, Standard, Full, Professional

To play MPickIt MSlots:
1) Select the Slots you wish to play from the Slots drop down.
2) Place your bet using the Max Bet or Bet button.
3) Select Spin to start.

When "Sound:" is checked sound is on.
When "Sound:" is unchecked sound is off.

Get Loan - If you run out of money, you can apply for a loan. The Loan balance plus 5% interest will be collected from your winnings. Loans are only available when you run out of money. Loan limits are based on the version.

Loan Limits:
Free - $100
Standard - $500
Full - $1,000
Professional - $5,000

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